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Not all hand sanitisers are created equal.

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Not all hand sanitisers are created equal.

What You Need to Know About Hand Sanitiser During COVID-19

Hand hygiene is more important than ever and, while it can’t replace a good hand washing, hand sanitiser is a crucial part of keeping you, your family and your team safe from coronavirus (COVID-19). Both the World Health Organisation and Australian Government Department of Health recommend the use of alcohol-based hand sanitiser to remove microbes, if…
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paper impact

Paper Impact Statement from Australian Paper 2019

PAPER IMPACT STATEMENT January 2019 – December 2019 Franks Stationery’s purchase of Australian made copy paper during 2019 has supported these environmental, social and economic benefits: Environment 51 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions offset by using Climate Active certified carbon neutral paper Up to 1 tonnes of local office waste paper was recycled, which would…
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franks stationery facebook - waste prevention methods (1)

Waste prevention methods for your retail business

‘Green,’ ‘environmentally friendly,’ ‘carbon neutral.’ No doubt, these are buzz words you have heard before. Reducing waste is increasingly important in preventing the depletion of our earth’s resources, and making an inhabitable future for generations to come. Having good waste prevention methods in place is important for every business. Sadly, many businesses still don’t invest…
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Peerless workplace cleanliness fights the spread of Coronavirus

Peerless workplace cleanliness fights the spread of Coronavirus

The spread of COVID-19 or coronavirus around the world is highlighting the vital importance of cleanliness everywhere – and especially in the workplace. For those working in the service and hospitality sectors such as cafes, service stations and retail outlets, this emphasis on cleanliness is a reminder to maintain their already rigorous standards of hygiene.…
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  • All BioPak paper products are made from sustainably sourced trees from managed plantations.
  • Materials used in BioPak products are rapidly renewable and biodegradable.
  • BioPak bioplastic products are made from plants, not fossil fuels.
  • All BioPak products are either recyclable or compostable, meaning less waste ends up in landfill.