The spread of COVID-19 or coronavirus around the world is highlighting the vital importance of cleanliness everywhere – and especially in the workplace.

For those working in the service and hospitality sectors such as cafes, service stations and retail outlets, this emphasis on cleanliness is a reminder to maintain their already rigorous standards of hygiene.

The best ways to do this are to be as informed as possible about the COVID-19 virus and to ensure your business’ stocks of cleaning supplies and processes for using them are ready to cope.

What is the coronavirus?

COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that affects the throat, lungs and even organs of those it infects with thousands of cases reported worldwide.

Like flu, the World Health Organization says COVID-19 is transmitted through sneezing or coughing, and by making contact with objects surfaces and hands that are contaminated.

In an effort to “flatten the curve” of infections and prevent healthcare systems being overwhelmed with cases, many nations including Australia have brought in a range of measures to keep people apart and fight the rate of infection.

One of the most important focuses is the need for impeccable hygiene through regularly washing hands, disinfecting surfaces and having good etiquette for coughing and sneezing, such as using tissues or your inside elbow to smother.

This way any droplets potentially carrying COVID-19 are stopped from making contact with our bodies, slowing its spread and contributing to worldwide efforts to contain the illness.

Cleaning your hands to prevent infection

Generally speaking, all types of germs and bacteria can be spread very quickly through transmission by the hands.

In retail and hospitality the importance of regularly washing your hands with soap and water is a mantra repeated over and over and strictly adhered to as an industry standard to protect workers and customers alike.

But the spread of coronavirus has highlighted the importance of this regular hygiene step, with advice from health providers like NSW Health to use alcohol-based hand gels and wash with soap and water while avoiding touching the nose, mouth or eyes.


Anti-bacterial hand soap like Peerless JAL’s Zero-Bac hand Protection & Skin Conditioner are ideal for people working in food handling areas or where regular hand washing is needed.

Zero-Bac is a hand sanitiser that provides high-level cleanliness that’s also soft on skin, an important consideration when regularly washing hands. Having soaps and sanitisers that are effective as well as gentle will encourage people to wash their hands regularly without drying out skin or causing irritation.

To help fight the spread of COVID-19, make sure your workplace is well stocked with hand sanitisers like Zero-Bac so your staff can protect themselves and customers feel reassured.

Cleaning work surfaces to fight the virus

Worldwide research into COVID-19 is accelerating, with the goal of understanding how it behaves and potentially creating an effective vaccine.

While it’s not certain how long the virus can survive on surfaces, the World Health Organization believes COVID-19 behaves like other coronaviruses of its type, persisting on surfaces for a few hours or even several days.

It all depends on the type of surface and environmental factors like direct sunlight, humidity levels and the temperature.

For places like cafes, restaurants and service stations, disinfecting work and food preparation areas and toilets and bathrooms regularly is standard practise. But the rise of COVID-19 is highlighting how important these processes are.

Peerless JAL products like Pro-Kleen help to disinfect surfaces in bathrooms to protect customers from the transmission of germs, providing an impeccable level of cleanliness against all germs and bacteria, including COVID-19.

By reinforcing your business’ cleaning programmes and ensuring you have quality disinfecting products available for use, you’ll be able to provide your staff and customers with safe hygiene.

Maintaining hygiene standards

The vital importance of maintaining impeccable cleaning standards has come to the fore with the emergence of the coronavirus.

Regularly using hand sanitisers and disinfecting work surfaces can help slow the spread of the virus. But it’s also important to keep up other kinds of cleaning, like regularly mopping floors, washing windows and cleaning carpets.

It’s also vital that you clean and disinfect the tools you use for cleaning and any utensils that are involved in food preparation.

Maintaining a total commitment to cleanliness in the workplace will help fight COVID-19 and give your staff and customers confidence.

Products like Peerless JAL’s TOPS dishwashing liquid will assist in the cleaning of kitchens, while having cleaning products like surface wipes, squeegees, brooms and buckets on hand will make the whole process easier.

Franks Stationery is ready to help with hygiene

With a huge selection of cleaning products including Peerless JAL, Oates Clean, Bastion Pacific, NAB Clean and more, Franks Stationery is ready to help businesses across Australia cope with the increased need for cleanliness to fight coronavirus.

Having a strong stock of high-quality cleaning supplies will be a vital factor for many businesses in the coming months as efforts to fight the virus and contain its spread ramp up.

Franks Stationery has been helping Australian businesses stay clean and safe for more than fifty years and is standing by to assist you through the COVID-19 situation with quality cleaning and disinfecting products.

We aim to be a “one-stop-shop” that can fulfil your needs. So if you need to maintain your business’ hygiene standards, check out our wide range of cleaning supplies and see how we can help today.

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